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Here we have another puzzle/RPG game, which follows the more traditional idea of the genre-mix (Puzzle Quest, etc). 10 Million is all about exploring the game world to gather resources, fight enemies, and upgrade your castle. This multiplayer games computer free is one of those games that can easily suck you in for several hours at a time, and always leaves you saying “just one more quest”. If you thought a gorgeous puzzle game can only be played a certain way, this game is here to teach you otherwise. Yes, it is a premium game, but the price is well worth its value. You will end up re-playing it quite a few times once you get the hang of it. Take a look at our Gorgoa review for more info about the game! In the following list you will find both familiar puzzles and games such as Sudoku and Calcudoku as well as lesser known ones such as the Bongard Problem and Fill-a-Pix. Some of these puzzles can be solved right on this page while others can be downloaded or reached elsewhere. All of them, however, are promised to test your solving skills to the absolute limit and keep you busy for hours, if not days.